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Put Your Armor On (Keep On Praying)
Featuring Rachel's daughters Riley and Sally on back vocals
and Beautiful photo by Cayla Wilson
Recorded, produced and engineered at Crisp Studios in Fayetteville AR with Darren Crisp.
and The Brick Fields Blues Therapy Group:
Rachel and Larry Brick
Kevin Bonner on Drums
Chris Parker on Guitar
Jason Young on bass


Good People all are fighting
Do they even know why?
It's a plan that is succeeding, to conquer they'll divide
History repeating the same old lies
Rulers keep reciting the same ol crimes

Keep on Praying
Don't stop Praying

When money is their god
Power their desire
They don't care about your soul, evil never tires
Fears a loaded weapon, don't hold it to your head
Stand up and get ready, there's a warzone up ahead

Keep on praying, Don't stop praying
Keep on praying, Put your armor on

They are selling out our children
Selling their own souls
There's a grin behind the mischief proclaiming they are woke
Good has become shallow, Wrong has become right
Our freedom's being stolen
Get down on your knees and fight

Keep On Praying, don't stop praying
Keep On praying, Put your armor on