1. Jericho Live
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Traditional Gospel Medley including "Be You From Babylon" written by Mike "Burger" Scoggins


Intro: recreation of Traditional gospel song “Trouble Of The World”
Body: “Be You From Babylon” written by Mike Scoggins
Ending: “Traveling Shoes” traditional gospel

Soon it’s going to be done, The Trouble of The World
The trouble of the world, the trouble of the world
Soon it’s going to be done, The trouble of the world
I’m going home, gonna live with my Lord

Joshua crossed the Jordan down in Jericho
He commanded to the heavens let the trumpets blow
People all shouted at the trumpet sound
The the Jericho walls they came tumbling down
Nebuchadnezzar said they all should bow
Daniel said Neb, my people don’t know how
Got a fire in the furnace getting ready for you now
7 times hotter than the law allows
Then Shadrach Meshach and Abednego
Fell down in the fire down in the furnace below
When the men looked in it was a crying shame
Four men walking in the awful flames
Hollered Woe am I . Hollered Woe I know
Be you from Babylon, Be you from Jericho

Ahab the king of the Israelites
Took a gal named Jezebel to be his wife
Jezebel cost the king his life
Then the land laid waste by the sword and knife
Speak of Samson, Delilah of Eve and Adam
Talk about trouble every one has had ‘em
Mention Abraham, Able and Cain
Talk about life, it is a life of pain
Can’t stand the heat you better stay out of hell
Cause the fine have fallen and the mighty have fell
Hollered Woe Am I, Woe I know
Be you from Babylon, Be you from Jericho

Death come knocking, on my momma’s door
Come on momma aint’ you ready to go
Momma stoop down and buckle up your shoes
We headed over yonder to the Jordan stream
We gonna “Halleluiah” God Talking to me
Got on my traveling shoes