Blues Therapy Scrubs and Creams
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Blues Therapy Scrubs and Creams


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Blues Therapy Coconut Stuff and body scrubs.

Blues Therapy Coconut Stuff: I use this for EVERYTHING from make-up remover, to itchy spots, moisturizer, hair treatments, scars, cuts, scratches and event to swish between the teeth. Coconut Stuff is the "stuff"!!!

Blues Therapy Mint Mocha Body Scrub to soften dry skin, improve blood flow. Coffee scrubs are known to reduce the appearance of cellulite and give your skin a more even tone. I LOVE USING THIS SCRUB!

Blues Therapy Mint Orange Sugar Scrub for bath time. Made from the Coconut stuff base and raw organic sugar. An all over body scrub, To scrub away toxins and dirt.

Blues Therapy Sole Of A Woman foot scrub. Get ready for sandal weather with this foot scrub! To detox from the soles of the feet and do away with dead skin.

Enjoy a free download of "Barefoot Woman" with this purchase.

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