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Hello Good People!

There's always that "one"!

We received our score charts back from the International Blues Challenge today and that phrase above was the first thing that came to mind and it inspired me to write about an entirely different subject.

There is always that “one”. You know, that "one" in the community who complains so loud a law can be changed even if the other 2000 people disagree. Or that "one" who hates so large that their point of view will be spewed all over social media and appear to be the norm of society even if millions of other people believe mostly in the power of love. Or that "one" who whispers lies around and about every dark corner until it spreads like a virus and an entire community begins to believe that it's true. Or that "one" who is always a victim never taking responsibility for their own actions all the while using up resources from those who simply have a heart to help. For as long as this world is the way it is, there is always going to be that "one".

Freedom of belief, freedom of speech, freedom of opinions, are valuable and we have the right to express all this for God gives us free will. This is the country we live in and we should value those things. Unfortunately, it often appears (key word appears) that the power of anger, sabotage, fear, dislike, dishonor, hatred, misunderstanding, guilt, greed etc... speak louder than the positive. That is why those of us who are on the opposing side must let our sweetness shine brighter rather than let the rotten apple spoil the whole batch.

For example: If those who are reacting out of anger or fear march in the streets holding signs all the while shouting slander then those of us on the opposing side must do the opposite. Our human instincts would say, “Well, we’ll just march on the other side holding signs and shout back at them!” Fire feeds fire, the only way to put out a fire is with water. So then how do we react to really make a change? This is how: We go out into the community and use our gifts to love. If you’re a cook, then cook for those who are hungry, If you’re a hairdresser then lend your talents to someone who hasn’t had their hair done in years, If you’re an accountant then help someone in financial need with a budget, If you’re a musician then share your music with people who need it’s therapy. You get the drift. While the haters are marching in the streets stirring up trouble then you’ll be making a real difference one heart at a time by getting yourself off your mind and sharing your gifts. That is more powerful than any sign or shout from the mountain top.

You may be thinking, but hate is everywhere, and we must fight back! Check it out, remember the key word “appears” that I mentioned. Hear this: YOU ARE WATCHING TOO MUCH TV AND READING TOO MANY NEWSPAPERS! The “real world” people is not like that everywhere, there is still an abundance of good. Yes the world is going insane but why add to it with worry. What your seeing on TV is that “one”, what your reading in the paper is that “one!” and that “one” is spreading their poison about by appearing to be bigger than they are.

From my faith point of view, that “one” is the enemy satan and choosing to fight back by giving our gifts to the community is Jesus. It is our choice who we give the power to or who we receive our power from.

Okay so back to our IBC scoring. These scores were really interesting to look at and I’m still so stoked that we made it to the semifinals. I’m sharing our semifinal scores with you which were what determined whether we made it into the finals or not.

First let me fill you in on the scoring system a little. There are 5 categories and the 3 judges will give a 1-10 in each. I changed the judge’s venue and number to protect the innocent. The score number is underlined on the right. Keep in mind that all judges have deep knowledge of the blues and are subject to their own opinions. Here were our semi-final scores:

Blues Content:

Judge 1 - 9

Judge 2 - 9

Judge 3 – 3




Judge 1 - 8

Judge 2 - 9

Judge 3 – 4




Judge 1 - 8

Judge 2 - 9

Judge 3 – 2


Instrumental Talent:


Judge 1 - 9

Judge 2 - 8

Judge 3 – 3


Stage Presence:


Judge 1 - 8

Judge 2 - 9

Judge 3 - 3



As you can see judge 3 most definitely did NOT want us going to the finals and I’ve been in the music business long enough to know that it does no good wasting my time trying to figure out why. Instead, I choose to believe that where I am is God’s will and His plan is something way bigger and better than mine. So, even when we lose the battle it does not mean we’ve lost the war.

This is something we all need to remember in life. So, what are you going to do if it appears you are losing the battle?

I hope you will choose to walk in love and share your gifts so you can fight the war in victory no matter what you come up against.


March 20th The Deck in Cookson Village OK 7PM

March 27th George's Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville, AR 7PM

March 28th The Old Bank in Russellville, AR 7PM

May you and yours be blessed!




Hello Good People!

We made it back from the International Blues Challenge in Memphis on Sunday and it's taken a few days to wind down.

First I want to say thank you with all of my heart The Ozark Blues Society and to those of you who supported our trip, to those who came to show 
your support, to those who reached out with words of encouragement and prayers and to those who have reached out with love since we've been home.


Although we did not make it to the Finals, we did make it to the semi-finals!

Considering that Brick Fields Blues Therapy does not fit the standard "blues band" image which is set very high at the IBC's, this is truly a great feat! I have been to the IBC's 5 times (including this time). One of those times, Larry and I went to showcase but the others we were competing. We have never made the semi-finals. 

I literally ran down the hotel hall in my PJ's at 2am to go tell the guys when I found out. It was very exciting! I'm so very proud of the band and all that we accomplished while we were there by just doing what we do and doing our best! The talent that we were with in our venues was mind blowing. I would not have wanted to be a judge.I BELIEVE!

I believe we will see some good fruit from the experience. Hearts were touched, CD's were requested and two new bookings have already come in since we've been home. So I would say we accomplished our mission of sharing more of Northwest Arkansas homegrown music with even more people!. There's always that hope of playing at the Orpheum for the finals but I am happy for the 9 bands who did make it there.

I am especially excited and happy for our friend Hector Anchondo who won 1st Place in the Solo/Duo division this year! How cool is that? Hector has brought us to his hometown for the "In The Market For The Blues" blues festival in Omaha Nebraska in the past, this year we will see him at The Rhythm and Blues Festival in Eureka Springs, AR!

While attending a master class hosted by the legendary and Grammy winning Bobby Rush, some of the folks got into a heated racial debate. It always breaks my heart to hear division of any sort but especially with-in the walls of music. Bobby handled the entire situation like a pro and I of course had to speak my mind and got a big hug out of it. Also when Bobby asked the question, "Who do you think the first blues singer was?" and I said, "King David!" He said, "That is absolutely right!!" "The book of Psalms is full of it!" This was a disagreement I've had with some very influential blues artists in the past and to have Bobby Rush back me up on this was a huge sha-bang for me!

During my regular daily bowl of "Larry's Greens" (that's what they are called) at Blues City Cafe I got to see Derek and Rooster (two BCC fictures who have always been there for as long as I remember.) Chris and I found out during a conversation with Derek this week that he was one of Albert Kings last guitar players. We found a video on line. If you look up Albert King concert 1992 up on You Tube, you can see a young Derek holding his own in the band.

Everywhere we turned were Blues musicians, blues legends, blues DJ's, lot's of blues friends and blues history. I saw Shemekia Copeland at the cafe while eating dinner one night and did the total "fan girl" thing. She told me that she would be at The Rum Boogie sitting in with JP Soars and wow, I must say after hearing that 20 min set on Thursday night I was filled up!  Kevin did the "fan guy" thing with Bob Margolin... lol. Here is proof:

While running late and with wet hair to The Holiday Inn for a radio interview with Whit Hubner of WMOT Roots Radio Friday morning I crashed into a big mud hole. Once in the lobby covered in mud and wet headed I was surprised to find that I had walked in to a special invite of very well dressed and put together  blues music stars just to name a few Shaun Murphy, Amanda Fish, my friends RB Stone and Prez of Alligator Records Mr. Bruce Iglaur (who charmingly told me I looked younger than the last time he saw me.) YES!! Oh.. and can I just say... anywhere you see Shaun Murphy you can expect DJ Gil Anthony to be close by. Why is that Gil? 

The very best part about this entire trip besides having a heap of support, incredible crowds, memorable experiences, seed planting opportunities, is that I got to share it with people I love including my dad, my good friend Lynda, my band, my manager Andy and more good friends who made sure we were all taken care of.

There are videos posted on social media of some of our performances by folks who attended. I am sharing what I find on our Brick Fields Facebook page and you can see them there along with the Blues Foundations Semifinalist Highlight video where they included some great shots of Chris and Hunter.

One more month of preparing for season and then we will be off and running into another great year! 2020

Looking forward to seeing you all and sharing more music.

Also just a reminder. You can now download our new album at

May God Bless You and Yours!





Hello Good People!

The time is near and we will be heading to Memphis to represent Northwest Arkansas and The Ozark Blues Society at The International Blues Challenge along with music groups from all over the world!

We are all excited about this fun event and happy to know that many of you will be joining us! If you're planning to go then I hope you have gotten your hotel rooms already. If not I know there are some available they are just no longer at the discounted rate.

The Ozark Blues Society has provided us with 2 hotels rooms and we are still raising funds to pay for the third one. The total for the room for the Wed- Sat night is $874.69 and your generous donations have come to $450 leaving us with $424.69 to go (More than half way there Thank you!!). If you would like to assist with the hotel expenses please donate here:


If you'd like to donate toward the other trip expenses you may also donate at the link above or you can join us for the IBC Fundraiser coming up Saturday Jan 25th at 21C in Bentonville AR! There will be lots of good music and of course good people!

Here is more information on the IBC Fundraising event at 21C


Have you ordered your new CD yet? In case you missed it, we just released our new CD "Brick Fields Blues Therapy Live at George's Majestic Lounge". Very excited about this one, we've had such great feedback, I am already planning our next Live release!


Praying all of you and yours are having a blessed 2020 so far!

Many blessings and much Love,




Hello Good People!




It's the year 2020 and we pray blessings for you this New Year and Decade! May God bless your family, your hearts and your journey in life.




We had some time off in December which was much needed and now have some exciting things going on this month of January.




First off we are releasing a New CD:




"Brick Fields Blues Therapy Live at George's"




The release date is tomorrow Friday January 3rd and we hope you will be joining us for the party which will take place at George's Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville, AR from 6PM to 8PM. If you will not be joining us then you can purchase the new CD here from the website from our online store beginning at 10PM tomorrow night! STORE







Also this month:








Brick Fields will be at The Ozark Mountain Folk Festival in Eureka Springs which takes place all weekend and includes a variety of music. Brick Fields will play on Sunday Jan 19th at the Bloody Mary Brunch in from Noon to 2PM.











Then on Jan 25th Come enjoy some great NWA music and help us raise funds for our trip to the International Blues Challenge in Memphis TN where we will compete and represent Northwest Arkansas' Ozark Blues Society among the best blues bands from all over the world.







If you would like to donate online to assist in expenses please follow this link to make your donation. We are still $500 short of covering one of the hotel rooms and your donation would be greatly appreciated!
















Finally the IBC's take place Jan 28th - Feb 2nd in Memphis. Here is a link to find out more:







Hope to see you all soon. Thank you for your love, prayers and loyal support. May God bless you and yours!
















Hello Good People!












Although we will continue with Wednesday night Blues Therapy, we are going to be taking the rest of the year off as far as weekends and traveling. Just in case I wasn't clear: Blues Therapy on Wednesday nights will still be happening just no weekend or traveling shows!! I am looking forward to having weekends off and I hope to spend that time getting some rest, making new merchandise for next season, writing songs, taking care of projects around the house and spending some family time. We have three more weekend shows left this year and two of them are this week. Our 2020 calendar is already filling up so I'm happy to have some time before our busy 2020 begins! Here are the few shows (besides Wednesday night Blues Therapy) that we have left this year:








Brick Fields Duo at Springdale Core Brewing Co.




2470 N Lowell Rd, Springdale, AR 72764




6PM to 9:30PM








FRIDAY NOV 22nd and SATURDAY Dec 28th




Brick Fields Blues Therapy Group




at The Old Bank 




220 W. Main ST Russellville, AR












NOW The big News:




Our new CD "Brick Fields Blues Therapy Live at George's" CD is complete thanks to those of you who made your pre-orders! Thank you, thank you! I will be mailing your precious CD's out this coming week. You will be the very first on earth to hear them and the only ones to have them for a few months before the official release! For those of you who are waiting anxiously for the grand party, the CD release party date has been set and we are excited about putting this new music project in your hands! When? Drum roll please....




The CD Release Party will be Friday January 3rd at George's Majestic Lounge from 6PM to 8PM!!







WHAT!! After Christmas you say! I wanted to get some CD's for Christmas presents for all my 100's of friends and family, you exclaim! Jan will be too late, you protest!




No Problem! I've got the solution. You can order our Christmas music bundle for your friends and family. The bundle will come with a CD coupon that can be cashed in on Jan 3rd for their own personalized CD which will be signed, sealed and delivered directly to their home. Before Jan 3rd they will receive a digital download of any one of our already released 4 albums plus one bonus track, all of their choice. 
















IN case you did not receive the last newsletter:




WE ARE SO EXCITED! Brick Fields Blues Therapy won the Ozark Blues Society Blues Challenge a few weeks ago and we are so happy that we get to go to Memphis for the Internationals in 2020 to represent Northwest Arkansas this year!!




The fundraiser with OBS to help fund our trip will be Jan 25th in Bentonville, AR. Please mark your calendars now. More information to come!











I am in search of a videographer to film a video for our first single release from The Brick Fields Blues Therapy Live At George's CD. Any suggestions are welcome.








May God Bless You and Yours!




Happy Thanksgiving!




Much love!