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Hello Good People

 It's been a while since my last newsletter.. I pray that you all have been well and keeping the faith.I'm going to briefly fill you in on some upcoming shows this month and also on how Larry is doing.



First, this weekend I will be joining my friends "Fonky Donkey" at The Four Quarter Bar in Little Rock Friday September 3rd from 9PM to Midnight. Find out more here: 




Myself and Chris Parker will be at Tontitown Winery in Springdale, AR on Saturday September 4th 6:30-8:30 in the wine garden. Find out more HERE



I'll be with my Diva Sister's "Divas On Fire" in Topeka KS on Saturday Sept 11th along with The Nace Brothers, The Cate Brothers and The Josh Garret Band




Blues Therapy Group will be at Cookson Village on Lake Tenkiller in Oklahoma on Friday Sept 17th from 7pm to 10pm. This will be our last night at Cookson for the season. Hope to see you next year!!


I Read where Bikes, Blues and BBQ may have been cancelled this year. If our dates are still on for that weekend I'll send them out in another Newsletter.


We will be at Bren's Porch in Eureka Springs, AR on Saturday Sept 25th starting at 6:30PM. If you've never been to Bren's house concerts in Eureka then you must go. It's a great time. There is typically a potluck and BBQ. I'm not certain on the situation now with covid concerns. I do know you should bring a lawn chair and your coolers. To find out more about this event go to:





I've made some new fall T-shirts and jewelry. I'd also like to remind you guys to order the new releases. Although CD's may be becoming a thing of the past, like beanie babies, you never know when they might come back around and you'll be happy to have one. Please order one for your friends who still use CD players like me!




Thank you everyone for your prayers and gifts and love. Larry is battling prostate cancer. Although he's stopped playing music, he has been in good spirits, spending time with family and living life to the fullest here on the homestead. We are both faithful knowing that our lives are in the HANDS of The ALMIGHT POWERFUL GOD!.

We have begun making trips to Tulsa for Dr appointments and will begin chemotherapy in a few weeks. He's also using teas and some alternate medicine here at home. Please keep Larry in your prayers. We pray that you all are healthy and happy and walking in faith through these tough times. 

May God bless you and yours,

Thank you,



Prayers for Larry


Hello Good People!

Those of you who follow on Facebook already know that the past few weeks have been difficult. Those who do not, this will be news to you.

Two weeks ago we had quite a scare. Larry seemed to be in stage 5 kidney failure and the numbers showed that he may not make it for much longer. Our faith was tried and it took me a few days to begin a prayer chain outside of our close praying family circle. 

Through Prayers, good Dr's (such as our own Hunter Judkins!), God's guidance, the right blend of herbs and nutrition Larry quickly went from chronic to acute in just a few days. Once the prayers kicked in we saw a real difference.

He's been home a week tomorrow and we have been going to follow-up appointments with many more to come. The root issue has yet to be determined but we are believing that God is certainly healing him through many avenues. Please continue your prayers or begin them if you are just hearing this.

Larry will retire for short time to get well, but the band and myself will continue as many shows as possible. We had three this past week and it was certainly a challenge but the music will go on.

This coming week we'll be at Morano's in Fayetteville, AR for Blues Therapy on Wednesday. For now on every Wednesday from 6 to 9 is still happening!

I have been a bit overwhelmed but will do my best to keep you informed as much as possible.

Friday May 14th the band and myself will be at Tontitown Winery from 7 to 10PM in Tontitown just outside of Springdale, AR.

It's difficult for me to continue Sunday services and some duo gigs without Larry. Chris or Vince will be filling in on some of the duo shows. Sunday services at Elm Springs will be up in the air for a bit.

Please continue with your prayers.

Much love to all of you!

Rachel and Larry



Hello Good People!

I pray you're all well!

Here is an update on our upcoming album and CD Release Concert:



We are planning an in-studio CD release concert that will be broadcast on-line. Due to Covid restrictions there will be a small in-studio audience. We hope to provide a safe place, some food and a concert for folks who are in need or hurting. I'm hoping you can help me make our list of invites. Here is how:


If you know of any individuals or if you yourself are in need of healing, basic needs or therapy who may be blessed by a live concert of Gospel Music I am asking that you email us with your stories: Send these emails to: Subject: THERAPY!

I know we have had some very dedicated listeners over the years. Some of you have been around 20 years or more, since before Larry and I met. I would love to hear from all of you. How has the music affected your lives over the years? When did we meet? Please send your stories. I'd like to include some of them into this project in some form or fashion. I would also love for some of you to be special guests at this event. 

CD Progress:

We have completed the recording and are in the mixing and mastering process. The album will be titled "In The Garden" and features the Blues Therapy Group: Kevin Bonner, Chris Parker, Hunter Judkins, myself, Larry and also Vince Turner who has been doing an excellent job filling in since we lost our dear friend and bandmate Hoobie. This album is dedicated to his memory.

My children Riley and Sally are also lending their vocals on the record and we have included some special guests including Jason Smith on trombone.

The record was recorded at Crisp Studio's by engineer Darren Crisp in Fayetteville, AR who is also co-producer along with the band and myself. 

The cover art is in the works by my friend and artist Chyna Cat and I'm excited to see what she comes up with.


The album has been a labor of love. Since times are tough everyone has been donating their time. Your gracious donations will help with getting the hard copy printed and distributed and also help with some of the recording costs.

Thank you for your prayers and to our friends who have donated so far!

Andy Green, Shirley Anawaty, Jessica Carroll, Max Templin, Norma Ely, Ina Eves, Laura owens, Laura Downing, Julianne Brauning, , Richard Reynolds,Robb McCormick,Debbie Diamond, Bruce Allen, Brandon Williams,John Belverade, Brenda Knox, Jilliann Guthrie


If anyone would like to support this project they can visit 


We have released a single from the upcoming album. Here is a link to the video "Take Me To the Riverside"

The date for the broadcast has not been set yet. As of now, we plan to pre-record the event with Jamie Anawaty and Darren Crisp teaming up on the production on May 1st. Please send your story entries in by mid-April if you or someone you know would like to take part.


May God bless you and yours!





I'm excited to announce that a Brick Fields Blues Therapy FULL ON Gospel Album is IN THE WORKS!

Do you want to lend your vocal talents? Be a Co-Producer? Have a Live concert at your home? Own  One of The First Copies of The New Brick Fields Gospel CD? Keep reading...

The recording dates are set for the end of this month at Crisp Studio in Fayetteville, AR! We are going to provide an opportunity for you all to be a part of it too.

 Although all of our albums have had gospel content on them, we have yet to release a full gospel album, many of you have requested one over the years. This year we have made a goal to honor your requests and do that!

After this past year that we've all been through it's easy to see how quickly we can lose the ones that we love, how fragile life can be and how rapidly things can change. We will certainly miss our dear friend Hoobie during this recording. This album will be in memory of him. Our friend, Vince Turner has graciously stepped up to honor him on bass.

Darren Crisp of Crisp studios said some similar words to me about life being fragile and has been very encouraging, giving me a bit of a lift toward getting in the studio and finally getting these songs recorded. I wouldn't want to record our music with any other engineer or at any other studio. Crisp feels like home and an honor all at the same time.

Brick Fields Blues Therapy Group includes drummer Kevin Bonner, Bass player Vince Turner and guitar player Chris Parker, along with some guest musicians as well. Due to Covid, we will have to space out. I hope that Hunter can join us on sax, he is on the front lines as a Dr. so we will see.

The album will include some originals and some old standards but it will all be Gospel Music!


We are creating a crowd funding opportunity through Patreon.

PATREON is an online outlet for creators. Typically it is used as a way to help fund  ongoing creative projects with monthly contributions. We are going to use

OUR PATREON SITE as a one time contribution for a one time project.

There are contribution opportunities that run anywhere from $5 to $5000 and they all come with rewards for you the contributors. 

Rewards that range from receiving a signed copy of the New Album all the way to being a Co-Producer, attending the recording sessions and lending your vocal talents on the album.

You can check out our Patreon Site and all of the information at:

Brick Fields Patreon

Here is a list of the contribution opportunities:

Contribution and Reward Opportunities:

​$5 - THANK YOU! This is just a general support contribution! Thank you so much for your support.

​$10 - THANK YOU! This is a one time contribution toward our new "Brick Fields Full Gospel Album".
You will receive a digital download of the full album once it is released!
Thank you for your contribution.

​$15 - THANK YOU! This contribution includes a digital download of the New Full Gospel Album once it's released and A download of any previous Brick Fields CD of your choice. 

​$20 - THANK YOU! This contribution includes the Hard Copy of the New Brick Fields Full Gospel CD!

​$40 - THANK  YOU!! This contribution includes a hard copy of The New Brick Fields Full Gospel CD when it is released as well as one item of your choice of Blues Therapy Essential items from the Blues Therapy Stuff store.
​These include: Bath Salts, Body Butters and Essential Oil Therapy Blends

​$80 - THANK YOU!!! This Contribution includes The New Full Gospel CD, The digital download, 2 items from the Brick Fields Essentials store and a download of any previous album of your choice from The Brick Fields Music store.

​$125 - THANK YOU THANK YOU!!This contribution includes The New Brick Fields Full Gospel CD, The digital download, 2 items of your choice from the Blues Therapy store and a custom made Tie Dye shirt with the Brick Fields logo.

​$250 - OH MY GOODNESS THANK YOU!! This contribution includes 2 New Brick Fields Full Gospel CD's, The album digital download, 2 Custom Brick Fields Tie Dyes, A basket filled with Homemade Blues Therapy Essentials by Rachel. 

​$500 - WOW! THANK YOU SO MUCH! This contribution includes a personal 1 hour concert by Brick Fields Duo, and 2 copies of The New Brick Fields Full Gospel Album when it's released.
(Concert must be with-in a 1 hour radius of Fayetteville AR. If further then travel expenses apply.) 

​$1000 -  YOUR SO GENEROUS WOW THANK YOU! Must be available for Recording date Jan 21 & 22. This contribution includes a 2 hour pass to the studio during one of the two recording days! You can bring a guest and watch and listen as we create in the studio. Your name will be printed in the outline section of the CD Cover! It also includes 2 copies of the New Brick Fields Full Gospel album once it's released and the full digital download. (LIMIT TWO!)

​$2500 - WOWZA!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Must be available for Recording date Jan 21 & 22. This contribution includes 2 behind the scenes passes to a full day in the studio! Two of you can listen and observe the recording process in action! Coffee and Lunch on us! You will be listed as a Co-Producer on the CD Outline! It also includes 2 Brick Fields Full Gospel Albums, The full album digital download, a basket of Brick Fields Blues Therapy Essential products and 2 custom made Tie Dyes by Rachel.

​$5000 - IS THIS REAL? ARE YOU REAL? WHOA!! THANK YOU!! HOW CAN WE EVER THANK YOU?  Must be available for Recording date Jan 21 & 22. This contribution gets you 2 passes for a Full Access behind the scenes fun filled whole day in the studio during the recording process to listen and observe. A spot on the CD using your talented backing vocals or voice overs! Listed as a Co-Producer on the CD Cover Outline. Coffee and Lunch on us! Booking for a Two Hour Full Band Private Concert for you and your friends at your chosen time and place. 10 of The Brick Fields New Full Gospel Albums, 5 Custom Tie Dye Brick Fields T-shirts and a Super Basket of Blues Therapy Essentials by Rachel. 

If you would like to be a part of the creation of this Album JOIN US ON PATREON!


*Paying the musicians and guest musicians ($1000 to $1500)
*Funding Studio Time, mixing, production, mastering ($2500)
*Funding the cost of ordering and producing 300 to 500 Hard copy CD's along                  with Funding distribution to music outlets. ($726 to $834) 
*Funding the cost of copyrights and publishing for publisher owned material. (Estimated $300 to $500)
OPTIONAL *Hiring a publicist to launch the release of the new album on world wide radio, blogs, podcasts, magazines, reviews etc..  ($2400) 

Also OPTIONAL *Creating a promotional video ($1000)

​*shipping costs
​*materials to create rewards such as shirts, dyes for shirts, essential oils, packaging etc.

We hope you will be a part of this exciting journey! We are so excited to be able to create music and share the Gospel through it!

Once again here is the link to join us on Patreon:

Support The New Brick Fields Full Gospel CD at :Brick Fields Patreon

May God bless you and yours!