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7 Year Itch is a compilation of songs from Brick Fields albums recorded over the past 7 years to celebrate our 7 years of marriage and making music together. It also includes two never released tracks "Heartbreak" and "Unchain My Soul".


A worshipful house of blues with a steeple on top!
Says Doug Hill of the Norman Transcript.
Brick Fields Band of Northwest Arkansas have been pouring out the Spirit on blues stages and everywhere in between with their Ozark Gospel Blues since 2006. The gifted vocalist Rachel Fields, often called “Brick”, has been said to move an audience to heartbreak and joyful laughter all at the same time along with the anointing guitar compositions elevating from her husband Larry Brick, at her side. The music flows like a river of baptism into the heartland of all that witness it followed by a heavenly orchestra shining through each note from Rachel‘s flute to Ben Sass’ harmonica, thick as the purple veil. With the backbone of a solid band Brick Fields original compositions and old school gospel and blues has been known to bring whiskey drinkers and beer guzzlers to their dancing feet in a sonic boom of salvation and to their knees by the rooted rock of lyrical truths. The chain breaking sounds of Brick Fields take the listeners on a spiritual journey to the Jordan of Israel and back again to the banks of the mighty muddy Mississippi all the while bathing in the light of a crisp sunset surrounded by the mysteries of the ancient Ozark Mountains.  

"These two make the blues what it is today!"
- says Doug Dickens : DJ at Nothing but the Blues 

"If you don't like the blues, she'll make you like it!!"
- 11 year old Alivia from Fayetteville, AR

"Just like old fashion medicine, we all need a taste of this invigorating music"
- Ronnie Templin blues enthusiast of Oakland CA USA

"An Unleashed cleansing of the soul!”
- Nashville Blues Society of Nashville, TN USA

“Brick Fields is by far the most soulful artist I have heard in years!”
-New Classic Music Of Tomorrow, Vernon of Warwick RI USA

"Brick Fields build a worshipful House Of Blues with a steeple on top!"
-Doug Norman of The Norman Transcript

"Rachel's voice intrudes to the depths of the soul!"
Magankiadas- Blues Van, Hungary Europe

... "....and the one in line for the future. Even if you don't think of Rachel "BRICK" Fields in terms of a future Queen of Gospel Blues, you cannot deny the impact she has on the Heart and Soul of those who love her music and the method of delivery in her voice. Brick Fields .. It's like they are a magnet of attraction ~"
- Jon Kirk Edwards

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"Pure soul and the greatest expression of the deepest emotions."
.... Dave Rubin

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