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Brick Fields

 Brick Fields 

Larry Brick and Rachel "BRICK" Fields both Arkansas natives, come together with their natural approach of Ozark Gospel Blues.  Larry, on guitar and background vocals along with Rachel "BRICK" using her ambrosial voice while playing guitar and flute, bring together a stormy performance each and every time.  Brick Fields, the multi-award winning musical team are definitive blues artists and they are no strangers to being surrounded by great music. Rachel has spent many years touring the country and playing with many known and unknown artists from across the world. Larry has spent 30 years making a living in the music business and signed his first record deal in the 70’s. Brick Fields repertoire includes originals written by both and of various genres including Gospel, Roots, Blues, Folk as well as some loved and well tested standards.  The collaboration of these different genres of music touches the heart and soul of people from all walks of life.  Known for presenting enriching concerts either with their 7 piece band deemed "The Chosen Ones" or as a duo, Brick Fields offer American entertainment for the young and old alike and have released 4 albums together since 2009. "On The Vine" in 2009, "Gospel Blue" in 2010, "Shambhala" in 2011 and "Go Ahead and Sang The Blues" in 2013. Brick Fields Music can be heard nationally and internationally on various radio shows of many different genres including gospel, blues, roots, folk and even children's radio. Just like good old fashion medicine, we all need a taste of this invigorating music. The Nashville Blues Society has called Brick Fields Music an “Unleashed cleansing of the soul!” and New Music Of Tomorrow says, “Brick Fields is by far the most soulful artist I have heard in years!”

A recent quote from Northwest Arkansas music supporter Jon Kirk Edwards:

... and the one in line for the future. Even if you don't think of Rachel "BRICK" Fields in terms of a future Queen of Gospel Blues, you cannot deny the impact she has on the Heart and Soul of those who love her music and the method of delivery in her voice and those of the Chosen Ones who lend the best in backup vocals and instrument support to rival all. This is a group of multi talented and beautiful people who share the vision of Rachel and her husband Larry Brick, and there are often many different musicians who share the spotlight with her and lend their own balance of talent .. It's like they are a magnet of attraction ~

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